Hi there! I’m Sadi Brooke. What sets me apart from most photographers is that I am also a makeup artist. Having 9 years of experience as a makeup artist has allowed me to develop an eye and a passion for beautiful photos. Art was my first love and I have always known that any profession of mine would have to involve it in some way.Β I’ve taken interest in many art forms over the years and my creative journey has lead me here! My love for photos and photo shoots began at early age. As a child, I found myself watching and reading about fashion. My favorite part was watching everything come together to create that one beautiful image or one walk down the runway. At the time, I thought that I would become a fashion designer so I began drawing clothing. As a teenager, I discovered painting. I never could paint anything that looked realistic, it was always abstract. My favorite part was blending different colors together, which is also my favorite part about doing makeup. In college, I studied fashion design with intentions to become an art director. I’m a mother to an incredible five year old little girl and if watching my daughter grow over the years has taught me anything, it’s that all of the best moments become memories too fast. I love love and I can’t wait to help you capture your special moments!